About Summit Sunday

Welcome to the official blog of the thing we've been doing on Sundays (and sometimes not Sundays). Here's a brief outline on how this whole thing got started.

Summit Sunday started with a couple friends iin the summer of 2012, just weeks before one of the compadres had to leave for Fire Island, NY for a job as a camp counselor. He and his buddy were hiking the beautifuly exposed and dusty trail up to Mt. Superior near Alta, UT. It had been on both of the boys' bucket list, and they were both glad to finally get up there. As the muchachos gazed upon the Salt Lake Valley in amazement, a bitterness crept into the sweet of the afternoon. Eventually one friend broke the silence and said he was "majorly bummed" that there are no mountains on Fire Island, and the other buddy rubbed it in, saying that he was going to hike a mountain every Sunday for the rest of the summer. In that moment a pact was made in the hearts of the men to celebrate their friendship from afar with pictures of their adventures. The soon to be New Yorker would keep the tradition too, but just have be more creative with his summits.

You don't have to climb a mountain every Sunday. #Summitsunday is an assertion of identity. It means you are mountain person, and as a mountain people you like to climb and play. It is something goofy to do to remind yourself where you come from and what you value: the freedom to breathe the air of The Church of Breath and Footsteps. Get creative! Recently this silly thing has grown to include several friends, and we hope that it will continue to grow and that we can build a community. If you'd like to contribute to the movement, shoot us pictures and stories of your summits (and assertions of mountain-ness) at summitsunday@gmail.com, and we'll see if we can get you on the blog. Regular posters will be asked to be full-fledged contributors with log on credentials.

happy summitting,

Co-founder of #summitsunday

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